السلام عليكم

Thursday, February 9, 2012

cry n laugh

You cry then you laugh, then you laugh then you cry again. Have you ever felt like this?that strange things happen when you go around the twist. Yeah, i've done this so many time. yet, nobody knew and you're the first.

Weird things happen around me. At times, sad things came over then my tears flow, but the next minute, I'll laugh 'cause a very happy thing came across me.. You might say I'm crazy, I knew it, but I'm not.. Like most of you, I'm normal..

Laughing and crying are the norms in our life. We are granted with emotions that coloured our days. When its bad, the will be something or someone that cheer it up. Life doesn't stick at the same place forever, We move around, we get to know people, we exchange feelings and thought, we learn to be tough and brave, we learn how to appreciate others...yes, all these things build our life.

Each of us are the parts of the life's puzzle. Every person plays their role in how to make this life wonderful. Sometimes we'll say, I'm alone, nobody wants me. Now that is wrong. You are needed but people didn't realise that they need you until they lost you. Its a tragedy.

I'm not perfect, we all together are imperfect. But the presence of us in each other's life make it perfectly alive..
Just want to let you know that, you're so worthless in your life, and you're appreciated although you didn't know it.
Praise to Allah, who had created us, and know what's the best for us.
Smile and cry, cry and as you like.